Når man kan sove med god samvittighed: En analyse af hvor stor værdi bæredygtighed skaber for feriegæster

Agnieszka Pawliszyn

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The research concerns the Crowne Plaza hotel, which was built in Copenhagen in 2009 for the COP 15 conference, and won a price for being the greenest hotel in the world. The sustainable profile is not aimed at the leisure guests of the hotel, because they do not value it according to the management. To investigate whether the management is right about this claim, the following research question needs to be answered: What creates value for the leisure guests at Crowne Plaza and how does it affect their perceived overall value that the hotel is leading in sustainable running? The question is being answered on the basis of a framework with 11 independent variables, which are explored in relation to the perceived value of the guests. First of all they concern sustainability, but variables that typically are appreciated by hotel guests are included with variables that are necessary to create a memorable experience. The 11 variables are investigated hermeneutically by 18 qualitative, in depth interviews with the leisure guests through the summer 2010. They are asked about their opinion about the hotel with open questions, followed by an exercise where they are shown pictures with the 11 variables and asked to put them in order in relation to their impact on the perceived, overall value of the hotel. The findings of the analysis are that the participants do not think about the hotel being sustainable, when they stay there, because the initiatives are invisible and many participants are not aware of the profile of the hotel. Therefore location, staff and aesthetics are primarily mentioned as value creating. When the sustainable subject is introduced, the participants associate it with environmental concerns. They find the profile interesting and are positive towards it. Several participants articulate it as a bonus that adds value to the stay if the other variables are satisfying. Some even say that they want to come back to this hotel because of the profile of the hotel. Furthermore there seems to be synergy between the sustainable image of Copenhagen and the image of the hotel, which increases the perceived value of the hotel. Some also describe the modern architecture of the hotel as valuable to them, and that sustainability is part of the modern style. The sustainable profile can enhance the experience of the hotel especially by contributing to the emotional value in the aesthetic part of the experience, but also by contributing to learning and escapism. The study does not give a clear understanding of, how valuable the experience is to the participants. There are also a few participants for whom the sustainable profile is not valuable at all, because they do not believe in the premises of the profile.

UddannelserCand.merc.emf Økonomisk Markedsføring, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider88