The digital playing field: Commercial opportunities for FC Copenhagen

Thor Yukio Ortwed Møller

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Sports organizations have for decades conducted business along the simple myopia ‘ if we play, they will come”. The recent surge in entertainment offers for consumers make it necessary for football clubs to adapt their offerings to fans, in order to stay relevant and to retain the fans as loyal customers. Leveraging digital medias as a platform for interaction between the club and fans, as well as amongst the fans is a key source for information that can yield loyalty and revenues. This is due to the measurability advantages that reside in digital media – in other words, the ability to track individual consumer behaviour and holistically segments fans to create unique value propositions with higher relevancy to the individual fan; this should stimulate loyalty. This, however, require that fans have available a community area with interactive features, such as social profiles, Web TV, discussion boards, blogs or uploading/downloading that can be used to follow behaviour. The information obtained can then be used to increase the value of sponsorship or advertising deals, as the holistic picture of fans allow companies to better identify targets. FC Copenhagen (FCK) is without doubt Denmark’s financially strongest club, however, the club is not generating revenues off digital media. This is despite the fact that the club’s fans are very prone to using digital media in interactive and measurable ways. FCK has a conservative approach toward digital media and is investing relatively little in digital media activities compared to other leading Scandinavian clubs. Among four criteria (Design, Navigation, User Friendliness & Content) used to judge the FCK website, Content scored lowest. A Focus Group interview showed that FCK fans are particularly interested in more interactive features where they can express themselves. Currently, this is only possible on the FCK Fan Club website, which did not live up to their expectations. Given the potential to leverage customer information in a commercial context, it is clear that FCK should invest in developing more compelling digital media opportunities for fans to generate loyalty and revenue.

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