Carlsberg på det britiske marked

Louise Dorthea Ostenfeld & Rasmus Stenholm Wendt-Jensen

Studenteropgave: HD-afhandlinger


This paper contains a market research of the danish brewing company Carlsberg in the United Kingdom, a market where Carlsberg has faced many challenges, among other, decreasing sale and loss of market share. The danish brewing company Carlsberg A/S was founded in 1847 and has a long story of brewing expertise embedded in the company. Currently ranking as the third largest brewing company in the world and by that Carlsberg has a global footprint in 150 countries around the world. Carlsberg A/S divides their global markets into 3 regions: Asia, Western Europe and Eastern Europa. The first exporting to the United Kingdom started in 1868 and Carlsberg opened its first brewing facility in Northampton UK in 1973. Carlsberg has a market rank as number 4 on the British market and by that it is a dominant player in the British beer industry. In the last decade however, they have faced several struggles which has caused a decreasing revenue and market share. These struggles will in this paper be exploited through analyzing the company’s internal and external situation and pinpoint how Carlsberg is trying to gain some of the lost revenue and market share again. The analysis will contain Dunning’s OLI which and mark the reasons behind their FDI on the market, afterwards their internal and external market factors will be analyzed. The internal factors will be analyzed through Porter´s Five Forces and Aaker’s Brand Equity model. The external factors will thereafter be analyzed trough the PIE-model and PEST-model. One insight from the internal factors is the high degree of shifting consumer trends on the market which Carlsberg has struggled to maintain. The external factors have also played a big role in the decreased revenue in which the COVID-19 pandemic meant losses in the sale on the on-trade market. To sum it up this paper will analyze on how Carlsberg are dealing with the decreasing revenue and market shares among other through a new Joint venture with the British brewing company Marston Brewing, under the new name “Carlsberg Marston´s Brewing Company”. In which they through synergies, product development and shared vision tries to deal with the struggles on the market.

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