Business-to-Business Marketing: A Business Network Relationship Approach: A Case study of Biotechnology Company Novozymes

Deniz Can Boysan

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


This paper is about B2B Marketing company Novozymes and takes to analyze its business network relationship to explain how does the company conducts its business and dealing with challenges on the way. Therefore, we have created two research questions to analyze and answer the question from a B2B company’s point of view. Our research questions are; How does a company like Novozymes which operates in several complex industries got its business strategy affected by the changes in market place? and What strategies does Novozymes create to deal with industry problems in B2B marketing context? Our purpose of writing this thesis is to see how much a big B2B multinational got affected by the actors around their business network such as their suppliers, consumers and competitors. Furthermore, we want to analyze and explain what does a B2B company do when they face challenges and downturns in their business. In this study, we have used mostly the qualitative data to explain our points while proving them with some quantitative data as well. This paper, structured as a case study and both primary and secondary data methods have been used throughout the data collection process. Primary data were acquired from semi-structured interviews while secondary data were collected from electronic sources. Throughout our analysis in this paper, we have concluded that Novozymes affects and get affected by the actors surrounding their business network. In the analysis section, we have shown the clear connections between the B2B marketing theories in the case of Novozymes and its activities. There are several drivers that company should think about before expanding into new markets where their collaborations with Unilever is exemplified this process of localizing into new emerging markets. The profound analysis of Novozymes showed that concentrating on emerging markets have brought more opportunities than company has anticipated and became a good example for other B2B companies which are and could experience similar types of challenges throughout their business life.

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