EU i danske medier

Kristina Bay Jensen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


This dissertation takes its point of departure in the EU skepticism that has developed and extensively been discussed in respect to the EU-crisis and the growing popularity of the left wing parties in the Union. The latest European Parliament Election in 2014 is a clear example of the growing popularity of the left wing, which the media has been following closely.
Thus, this dissertation explores how the Danish media is displaying and covering the European Parliament Election in 2014, which consequently have influence on the recipient views.
An in-depth qualitative study is performed taking its departure in 376 articles retrieved from three Danish newspapers namely; Berlingske Tidende, Jyllands-Posten and Politiken. The articles will be explored drawing on the theoretical framework of identity theory and theory of ideal role of the media in democratic societies. In the analysis process, ten main ‘themes’ has been captured from the Danish election debate. Moreover, the analysis has aimed to answer the two following questions;
Are the media framing the EU with a national, a European or with both a European and national angle?
Are the media displaying subjects regarding the EU with a negative, positive or neutral approach towards the EU?
Hence, through a multilevel analysis of obtained primary and secondary data, one can conclude that the majority of the retrieved articles are written from a national or Europeannational perspective. Furthermore, the articles have mostly a neutral approach or angle towards the EU

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