Plads til ny SaaS udbyder i autobranchen?

Søren Eliasen

Studenteropgave: HD-afhandlinger


The business area in focus in this project is software as a service within the automotive industry in Denmark.
Through thorough conducted external analysis of macro conditions such as political actions, environmental consideration, evolution in car buying behavior, competition situation as well as overall consumer behavior and demand, the objective is to establish the basis for a new key player in the market for SaaS solutions. Through an internal analysis of a fictive company, IT Lab, the objective is to establish the foundation of new solution and a Go-To Market strategy of such solution.
As most car buying customer journeys starts online and with an increase in online shopping1 observed over the last 9 years, the expectations in regards of future potential for online car buying possibilities are rather high, especially when looking towards USA . Here a number of platforms already offer online car buying as per already known retail online shopping experiences from e.g. the clothing industry.
The situation today is, that there are a handful of key players in the market for SaaS2 in Denmark, the market leader being eBay with their advertising platform, and their dealer management software Bilinfo. However, as more challengers enters the market, the gathering of supply is being divided between the players, causing an increase in marketing cost for the dealerships, as the most a forced to run adds on more than one platform in order to target car buyers.
The reason behind this market situation is reach, brand awareness and strong market position of (owned by eBay), supported by a failed attempt by in 2012/13 to outcompete, forcing dealerships to advertise on both platforms simultaneously adding cost to market budgets throughout the dealerships in the industry.

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