Audience Profiling Social Data and Cultural Differences: Case Study for Roskilde Festival

Shi Xing & Susanne Mether

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Social data is increasing rapidly. Nevertheless, many business sectors haven’t utilized its full potential despite the open access to the data sources. While the benefits are examined in the academic research for the tourism and hospitality industries, less research has been done for the event management industry, especially within the context of music festivals.Hence, the motivation for this study is to explore, whether the same benefits can be gained within the music festival management. Another interesting consideration within music festivals and audience profiling is the internationalization of the festival audience. As today’s tourists are willing to travel longer distances to participate in an experience, music festivals are attracting audience from all parts of the world. The diversity in the audience requires companies to consider, whether the different cultural backgrounds affect the preferences among the audience, or whether these preferences are homogeneous.The aim of this thesis is to explore the possibilities of social data, especially in the form of textual user-generated content, and to explore how these modern techniques can be applied in the context of music festivals and audience profiling.The main objective is to identify the diversity in the preferences of the festival visitors, when the cultural aspect is considered. The study is conducted as a case study for the Danish Roskilde festival. To fulfill the objective of the research, a mixed approach from text mining methods and online survey are combined. The preferences were analyzed using text mining methods for discussions in the Roskilde festival’s Facebook comments from the years 2011-2017 and by surveying past and potential festival visitors to gain deeper insights regarding the differences. The diversity in the preferences within the survey respondents were explored considering the importance of the 6main features, which affect the success of the music festival: the artist performance, atmosphere, company, food and refreshments, accommodation, and hygiene. The findings indicate that the international festival visitors tend to attend the festival due to the artist line-up, whereas the Danish audience attends the festival for socialization purposes. The biggest difference was found on the music preferences, whereby the Danish visitors mostly listen artists from the Pop genre, while the international visitors are more open to different music genres. The results further support the statement that cultural background indeed impacts the visitors’ preferences and their behaviors. However, as the cultures between most of the survey respondents coming from Finland and Denmark are fairly similar, no significant difference was found in the preferences regarding the main features.

UddannelserCand.merc. Customer and Commercial Development, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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