Er corporate branding relevant for offentlige organisationer?

Lisbeth Jensen & Morten Rosenkrantz de Neergaard

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandlinger


The objective of this Master thesis is to analyze the utility of corporate branding in connection with public organizations in general and for the organization CSU Egedammen in particular. The motivation for this work is the following. In connection with the structural reform in 2007, the authority and financial responsibility for the organization CSU Egedammen (Center of Special Education) were transferred to the municipality of Hillerød. In this process, the organization became rate funded and its public services started to face a strong competition from other similar institutions at market terms. This transformation required a change of attitude with increased focus on effective operation and economic rationality, and it called for an optimization of the quality and efficiency of the offered services in order to attract customers from a variety of municipalities. Hence we want to study if corporate branding could be a possible management tool in trying to be successful in this new competitive environment. In this work, we investigate and discuss how the concept of corporate branding, with an offset in market oriented logics, can be developed and implemented within a public organization in general, and how it can be used as an effective tool by the management of CSU Egedammen in particular. In this connection we address important concepts such as actor networks, storytelling, quality descriptions, mind sharing brands, trust, and protreptic coaching. Our analysis reveals that branding in public institutions can evolve by the introduction of marketlike competitive conditions. However, in this process it is also very important to account for the special properties and values of the individual organization such as its identity, culture, image and vision. Successful branding is therefore not only a question about marketing strategy and how to sell the public services in the most efficient way. It is also a question about applying management of meaning through branding to external stakeholders about the values of the organization, and to direct and relay on the organizational members to do what is best for the organization. In this way, corporate branding can be developed into an effective tool for value management, which promotes the organization and attracts the potential customers, clients and pupils. On the basis of this work, we conclude that corporate branding can be successfully extended to the public sector, and provide an effective tool for the management of public organizations provided they are in a competitive environment.

UddannelserMaster of Public Administration, (Masteruddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider120