Modebloggere som stakeholdere: En analyse af kommunikationen mellem virksomheder og modebloggere

Anine Arnild

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Fashion blogs are becoming increasingly more influential in Denmark. The bloggers are young and stylish, and they have many readers on a daily basis. The fashion blogs in the largest blogging network in Denmark, Bloggers Delight, have up till 150,000 unique visitors each, every single month. This makes the bloggers very interesting for commercial cooperation with companies. However, as the collected data shows, more than half of the products the three case bloggers have received are never mentioned on the blogs. From a professional communicators point of view it is thus interesting to examine how companies can target their communication with the bloggers to ensure that the products they send to bloggers will be mentioned on the blogs. This thesis examines three Danish fashion bloggers and the products they have received from companies during a three month period from January to March 2012. The thesis uses stakeholder management theories to analyze the communication prior to the bloggers receiving products from companies, and which role the communication plays in whether or not the products are being mentioned on each blog. The examination shows that ‘rich’ communication prior to gifting a blogger with a product, such as events for bloggers, competitions for the readers of the blog, and collaborations between companies and bloggers, gives a significantly higher chance of the product being mentioned. The case of Danish handbag producer, Adax, supports the notion of the prior communication being important, when communicating through bloggers. Furthermore, fashion blogs as a medium of communication for companies, is examined in terms of the concept of ‘produsage’. This concept is a fusion between ‘producers’ and ‘users’ which establishes that users of e.g. blogs and other online social platforms are more than merely users, because they take part in the creation of the content. The conclusion of this thesis is that communication with the blogger does make a difference for the company in terms of whether their product will be mentioned on the blog or not. Companies should host events, collaborate with bloggers and organize competitions if they wish to ensure that their products are being mentioned on the blogs.

UddannelserCand.ling.merc Erhvervssprog og International Erhvervskommunikation (Interkulturel Marketing), (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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