Virksomhedens politisering: Om politiseringens magtperspektiv

Christina Bech Godskesen Andersen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The fact that companies today are a part of a complex and global world creates great challenges in relation to the company’s communication strategy and in relation to how the company defines itself. Politicizing is one of those challenges. A challenge which requires that the company participates in the common responsibility for society more so than has been done previously. When participation is one of the basic demands of the company, what then does this politicizing actually mean for the way in which the company communicatively can participate and even reflect with regards to the power perspective of politicization? This dissertation concerns itself with precisely this connection between politicizing communication and the power perspective of politicization. Pertinent to the “Arla Foods during the Mohammed Crisis” case, the dissertation covers the essence of politicization by looking at how and in what context it appears and by observing how it is triggered. With the understanding of how politicization emerges, the results are carried on to a concrete analysis of power, where it is observed how a specific regime is created for Arla Foods as a responsible company. The dissertation proves that there is an interaction between how the company politicizes, the context in which the politicization appears and not least as a result of “initiators” in the communication. This signifies that neither the company nor the world surrounding it are constant and definable components. On the contrary they are constantly influenced by the way various premises, such as the political, are continually defined. Furthermore, diverse articulations of politicization attempts to decide what the term politicization, does in fact, represent. In doing so the connection between politicizing as communication and the power perspective of politicization becomes clear. When politicizing occurs in a relational context it also signifies that there is a place where this definition of politicization through communication can be defined and redefined. In summary this dissertation proves that a company has a real opportunity for action. By the way of by making itself aware of the power perspective of politicization, via the consideration given to the company’s communication strategies, the company can bear in mind it’s own possibilities of influencing the power embodied in constructing the truth of what the term “politicizing” truly denotes.

UddannelserCand.soc.pkl Politisk Kommunikation og Ledelse, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider97