Forbrugernes værdiopfattelser: Hvilke tiltag kan udledes til en ny forretningsmodel der både øger folks købelyst og mindsker den opfattede værdi i at piratkopiere

Daniel Feddersen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The thesis is about finding ways to decrease piracy in gaming and thereby boosting sales. The thesis is built upon a multi-case study method, where five business models has been taxonomiesed Retailers, Physical Landlords, Digital Traders, Digital Landlord and Piracy are the identified cases, although only four has been used. There have been found 111 key opinions from the consumers. These have been put through a comparative analysis were 59 minimum demands have been found for one single model. From the 59 minimum demands another, iteration has been made in the comparative analyses. This time it has been with the view of how a new business model could be defined within the BMC framework. With the implementation of these points the general reason for piracy should be eliminated. During the study a lot of dualistic behavior has been presented and these conclude that it is not just possible to say that there is one final solution. One key point outside the BMC framework has been derived through the aspect of derived value, which has been talked about with the Amit and Zott theory. The derived value from the future business model depends on that the society changes its current opinion about piracy. Even though the new model gets implemented, it will only eliminate the fundamental frustrations from the current situation. It is important that the overall image is continuously worked on so the consumer and the industry can accept each group’s differences. It is also found that it is not possible to change the behavior of the hardcore piracy groups and the groups that copy for the fun of it. To them the copying is a game in itself. It is the general user who usually buys too few copies, or “real” pirates that mainly copy that are at the target of this solution. Given the conclusion and the 43 points the reasons for general piracy is removed and the theory from Sinha & Mandel then states that the sales should increase. The solution is not only about cutting costs and digitalize, but also a demand for the long term investments in a new way of handling the distribution, sales and the trust between the consumer and the industry. The investments is not presented in the assignment or specifically blueprints on how these things will be implemented. Instead it presents the whys and what’s on the long needed requirements analysis seen from the user perspective. By adapting to these found reasons for copying I hope that the general approach will change from copying to buying. Hopefully the industry will develop further on these findings so the moral about piracy will change in the society and make the piracy be a thing that is not that well looked upon. Business Administration and Information Systems, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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