Branding af Fødevareministeriets Klagecenter: Vi vil være forbillede for klagebehandling i staten - med borgeren i fokus

Susie Hosainzadeh

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandlinger


I was curious what impact branding of a complaint board could have on your reputation. As a public authority I assumed that The Complaint Center already had a great deal of legitimacy given because of the organizational set up and predetermined task. So is it worth branding or should you just stick to your task - and do you risk to even damage your reputation by branding your organization? By examining that, I would see how I can use this knowledge in a development perspective. To examine the questions I have used a questionnaire send to the trade organizations in the field, legal advisers and consultants that handle the complaints on behalf of the complainants. The result is a medium score of 53/47 meaning that 53 % belong to the positive group and 47 % belong to the negative group. When analyzed in the perspective of branding theories it shows that we have problems with our message and story, because the story, many of our complainants tell about us, differs a great deal from the one, we want to tell by our vision. Looking at our values they do not differ much from the complainants, but in practice we are too far from fulfilling them. That is why many of the complainants e.g. do not have trust in our decisions, do not find our vision trustworthy and our reputation score is under average. I assumed that the Complaints Center had a lot of legitimacy given by the task and organizational set up but many of the respondents find that we have little legitimacy among others because we do not involve professional experts and too seldom meet the complaints. The problem is that we do not have a core group which acknowledge our story and could spread it out. We are not enough close with the complainants or their representatives to have succeeded with that. My study shows that in our branding efforts we have clarified the “gab” between our vision and what our complainants expect from us – and I think that the survey in itself have further made it clear. My conclusion is that as a public authority branding has limited effect, but if you ob-serve some fundamental issues it can be done. In that respect I have set up seven questions need to be asked by a public authority before it goes branding. Concerning The Complaints Center I have identified to types of problems: one of communication and another more substantial about our set-up. I’ll try to solve both problems by strengthening communication about our tasks and organizational set up using narrative practice and legitimacy management. In the future I’ll use my branding efforts rather to attract skilled and dedicated employees than towards the complainants.

UddannelserMaster of Public Governance , (Masteruddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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