Farum: En by med andet end høje skatter

Magnus Willert-Wedel

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The competition between municipalities is increasing due to, a rising demand for potential newcomers. This change has resulted in municipalities applying branding methods that until now were solely used by private organizations. I aim to examine to what extent city branding theories can be applied by a municipality. I have chosen Furesø municipality as my case study because of the responsibility of the former Farum municipality has been delegated to Furesø municipality. The former mayor in the town was a very visionary man with big plans for Farum. Unfortunately, he became too visionary and some of his plans were in conflict with the Danish system of justice. In 2001, the scandals started which resulted in Farum having a bad image and a debt at nearly 3 billion Danish kroner. I have examined and presented the development within branding from product branding to corporate branding. In addition, I have presented place branding, among these, city branding and the different perspectives on this theory in order to know what the theoretics think the responsibles should focus on when they are trying to brand a city. For this purpose, I have used Ketih Dinnie, Simon Anholt and Steffen Gulmann’s city branding theories. The city branding theoretics believe, among other things, the responsibles should focus on the citizens’ attitudes, tourism and a collaboration between the stakeholders situated in the city. In order to examine what the relevant people do to restore the negative assumptions to Farum, I have chosen to interview the persons responsible for the communication within Furesø Municipality. Furthermore, I wanted to examine what the visions with Furesø Municipality and the amalgamation of Værløse and Farum were. For this purpose, I interviewed the mayor as well as the Furesø town planner. Furesø Municipality does not have an overall branding strategy yet, but is currently working on establishing a branding strategy in 2012. They have, however, initiated several projects which, in relation to the city branding theory, are highly relevant when trying to brand a city. In collaboration with the investment company Realdania, Furesø Municipality is currently working on an architecture competition aimed to improve Farum city. I wanted to examine what the citizens in Furesø appreciate the most about Furesø. The communications department in Furesø therefore provided me with a citizen study in which 834 respondents had been interviewed so that I could gain some insight into understanding what attractions that are the most relevant in terms of attracting potential citizens. Though Furesø has some great branding possibilities through Farum’s annual WTA tennis tournament it is not the primary factor for citizens to visit Furesø. The survey showed that a vast majority thinks the nature and beautiful surroundings are Furesø Municipality’s most important elements. An important part of the thesis is to examine whether Furesø Municipality is still suffering from the negative reputation and whether the citizens are still having prejudices about Farum. According to city branding theory, one way of changing the existing reputation is by initiating some branding projects and to involve the residents in this progress. I interviewed a reporter from the Furesø local paper in order to examine whether Furesø Municipality has initiated any branding projects. I have analyzed the study material in relation to existing city branding theory in order to examine what can be done to change a negative city brand to a positive one. My interviews have proven that the challenges currently occurring in Furesø Municipality are equivalent to the challenges presented in the city branding theory. In relation to Furesø Municipality’s challenges I have presented the theories, city branding theoretics believe are the best way to solve the challenges. Because of the challenges being so equivalent to the city branding theory I have found the theory to be very relevant and in my conclusion I have thus tried to explain what can be done to alter the city’s reputation.

UddannelserCand.ling.merc Erhvervssprog og International Erhvervskommunikation (Interkulturel Marketing), (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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