Siemens’ internationale markedsføring: En undersøgelse af Siemens’ valg af international markedsføring med fokus på det danske og det indiske marked

Sanne Kirsten Jeppesen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


It has become more and more normal for companies to expand to foreign countries because of the globalization and also because of the development of the internet. But although the world has been so global and available as well as many people from different countries are consumers of the same brands and products, there is still a big difference on the countries cultures. Therefore, it is interesting to study how much culture means for the choice of marketing, when a company expands to another country. This subject underlies the research question in the master thesis, which is: How is Siemens marketing organized and which importance does the term culture have on their choice of international marketing – With specific emphasis on the Indian and the Danish market. The empirical basis in this master thesis is for instance the qualitative method in form of an interview with the communications manager from Siemens in Denmark. The questions in the interview were most concentrated about Siemens in Denmark, although there also were questions about Siemens international marketing. Moreover, there will be used the quantitative method, in form of a questionnaire, which was based on Siemens marketing and was directed to the Danish population. The analysis goal was to examine the use of marketing in Siemens with focus on India and Denmark as well as a shorter research of additional markets. The underlying basis of the marketing research was Siemens’ global website and the use of social media as well as CSR-strategy and their usage of issues management and crisis communication. The master thesis concludes that Siemens international marketing overall is based on a global strategy in form of standardization of the products, the global website and social platforms. Furthermore, they have chosen to differentiate the marketing to the local markets in form how the global website and the social platforms are applied with focus on the countries cultures. In this way it is clear, that the culture means a lot for Siemens choice of marketing in Denmark and India. Although Siemens in India has a more local marketing than Denmark, because of its maintained culture and traditions.

UddannelserCand.ling.merc Erhvervssprog og International Erhvervskommunikation (Interkulturel Marketing), (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider96