Music marketing in Denmark: A study of artist´s needs for marketing communication

Taryn O´Leary

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Due to decreasing CDs sales and economical consumers, the music industry is currently being challenged to keep revenue streams alive. In the advent of digitalization and new technology, the music industry struggles to cope with and benefit from change. In addition, music artists are significantly burdened by the lack of reimbursement for their creative work due to the overall increase in music piracy and illegal downloading. This thesis focuses on artist promotion, marketing communication, and relationship management as means of surviving in the volatile music environment and overcoming these times of hardship. This thesis examines the Danish music market and how marketing communications should be shaped in order to promote artists appropriately and beneficially. There are many factors and perspectives that must be considered in devising a marketing plan that is beneficial to the artist and the label as well as appeasing to the consumers. In this explorative study, the perspectives of artists, music consumers, and an industry promoter were queried. In analyzing the data, it is evident that artists are constantly challenged to create music experiences while managing their brand and financial security. Artists therefore have many needs with regard to promotion and handling business activities. After co-creating and providing music experiences on the web, consumer spending preferences have altered, and it is necessary to add value to music experiences in justifying a purchase. Furthermore, many promoters and marketers are hesitant to forget traditional business models of promoting artists and there is an underlying unawareness as to which marketing tools are ultimately effective. In answering how to promote artists in Denmark, I concluded that there is no simple solution. There is also no guarantee that more emphasis on promotion and stronger marketing plans will save the industry or change consumer preferences. The music industry revolves on the concept of nobody knows. Nonetheless, when devising a marketing communications plan, it is important to embrace change and assess artists‟ individual needs in line with consumer wants. Moreover, fostering relationships between artists and consumers is believed to be advantageous for the artist‟s career in the long run.

UddannelserCand.soc.cbp Management of Creative Business Processes , (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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