Optimering af Bang og Olufsens mediestrategi i Danmark: Med særligt fokus på anvendelse af Facebook

Thomas Storm Simonsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The aim of this thesis is to investigate whether B&O through an optimized branding strategy, with a specific focus on Facebook, can strengthen its brand in Denmark. According to modern branding theory, successful branding depends on the quality of the relationships the consumers form with both the brand and with each other. In this thesis it is established, that Face-book can be used to strengthen a brand by creating interaction and dialogue on Facebook. In order to create the necessary prerequisites for this dialogue the brand must be built according to the 4 levels in the CBBE model; brand salience, brand meaning, brand response and brand relationship. The position of the brand in the model depends on the company’s media strategy. Therefore the composition of the communication and the priority of the media channels are crucial to the brand’s position in the CBBE model. B&O’s current media and branding strategy in Denmark is based on communication within three media groups: Offline, Online and Facebook. Within the offline media the strategy relates to the brand mean-ing level in the CBBE model. The predominant focus is on the brand performance dimension i.e. the functional attributes of the brand. The media strategy in online media is similarly based on brand per-formance although it has some elements that are more emotional. B&O’s Facebook strategy intends to appeal to dialogue, but with their global focus and the lack of opportunities for the users to upload their own content on Facebook, this media is used as the offline and online media for communication that refers to the brand meaning level. B&O’s possibilities to optimize their media strategy are based primarily on the use of the Facebook media in a Danish context. The recommended strategy in this thesis focuses on using Facebook to create brand response by generating a trusting relationship between the users of Facebook and B&O, and thereby encouraging them to share their brand perception with B&O. This will give B&O valuable stra-tegic knowledge of their consumers. It is believed that it is realistic for B&O to have success with this strategy because the strategy is a natural successor to their current strategy. Within the offline media B&O can improve their strategy by focusing on a balance between brand per-formance and brand imagery. They need to introduce brand imagery elements in the strategy to ensure this. Regarding the online media B&O must let the users to be heard on the campaign/product websites, and focus on a good balance between brand judgments and brand feelings. In implementing the recommendations in this thesis it is believed that the different media channels are optimized according to their strengths. An optimized branding strategy with focus on creating brand response will reinforce the communication surrounding the B&O brand, and improve the users brand perceptions. Consequently B&O’s brand will be able to obtain a higher position in the CBBE model and therefore it can be said that B&O’s brand has been strengthened theoretically as well as financially.

UddannelserCand.merc.emf Økonomisk Markedsføring, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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