Oversættelse af fænomenet ”Mellemformer” i Distriktsskole Stenløse, Egedal Kommune

Jakob Rahbek Bjerre

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandlinger


This MPG master's thesis is about managerial translation of strategy. The assignment examines how leaders in “Distriktsskole Stenløse” where I am employed as ‘District School Leader’, translate concrete strategy of the fashion phenomenon "Mellemformer". “Mellemformer” are interesting to work with, because it´s a new concept, that has spread and landed in primary schools in order to strengthen the schools' ability to succeed in keeping more pupils in general classes in primary schools. “Mellemformer” expand in a pedagogical environment in the zone between primary school and special school, which leads me to the following problem statement:
Main question: How has the ‘Head of School’ and ‘General Managers’ in District School Stenløse translated the currently decided strategy of "Mellemformer" in Egedal Municipality?
Sub-questions: How is this translation understood by the ‘Head of Schools’ and ‘General Managers’, so that the translation strengthens the possibility of implementation, Including:
- How is the translation structured from the instrumental, interpretive, legitimizing and political perspective?
- To what extent do managers copy, add / subtract or transform the strategy?
- How can the translation of “Mellemformer” be understood by Røvik's virus theory?
This assignment is based on semi-structured interviews, where I interviewed two ‘General Managers’ of Primary Schools in my own School District and interviewed the ‘Head of Schools’ in Egedal Municipality. The informants were chosen to understand the idea of “Mellemformer” of translation from political decision through translation via the ‘Head of Schools’ to the ‘General Managers'’ own translation. The assignment focuses on how managers understand and interpret translation, as well as their intended and unintended choices around this translation with a view to the implementation of strategy.
The thesis includes theory on translation primary from Søren Obed Madsen (Madsen 2012) and Keld Arne Røvik's translation theory (Røvik 2007).
The analysis in the thesis is based on selected theory and empirical data, where the following findings are described:
There is a clarity that sensemaking in an interpretive perspective is central to translation. There is also agreement that strategies are important for leaders in their work in the organization. It is demonstrated that there are different translations of the phenomenon "Mellemformer" internal in the organization. It is argued that the different translations could be due to the ambiguity of the phrasing of the strategy as well as the organization's lack of knowledge sharing and alignment before, during and after the implementation. The phenomenon of legitimacy is experienced differently by the informants, why I can´t clearly conclude in this theme.
Furthermore, translation of “Mellemformer” is analyzed on the basis of Røvik's virus theory. It´s concluded, that the phenomenon of “Mellemformer” has moved into the organization based on some of the characteristics described by the virus metaphor, such as; incubation time, immunity and mutation, which occur centrally in relation to the translation and implementation of the strategy of “Mellemformer”.
The discussion describes the assignment's conclusions regarding generalizability. It is emphasized here that the phenomenon of fashion, spreading of ideas as well as general signs, when translating strategy is assessed to be generalizable to other organizations.
The perspective describes that knowledge sharing and alignment should be investigated in more detail, but this master thesis do not leave place for this.
Finally, the conclusions and perspective of the thesis are put in relation to my own management development through the Master's program, where I argue, that I have experienced a personal change in my own management understanding through the Master education and this Master thesis.

UddannelserMaster of Public Governance , (Masteruddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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VejledereSøren Obed Madsen