Strategisk regnskabsanalyse og værdiansættelse af Sjælsø Gruppen A/S

Troels William Knudsen & Mikkel Sandris

Studenteropgave: HD-afhandlinger


In recent years, the Danish company Sjælsø Gruppen A/S1 which develops and implements commercial, retail and residential projects has profited from the global and Scandinavian boom in economies. Last year, the market saw a decrease in the level of activity, which also influenced the company's financial position. The downturn has led to a very significant decrease in the company's market value. On this background, our thesis deals with the key question: What is the estimated stock exchange quotation of Sjælsø based on a strategic financial analysis at 28 November 2008?

UddannelserHD Regnskab og Økonomistyring, (HD uddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
Antal sider118