Preventing challenges in Lean Startup methodology: from a software engineering perspective

Nicklas Warberg & Nicolai Thorup

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


The field of entrepreneurship is recognized as being a key factor in economic development, especially in the IT sector. The number of new IT companies has increased dramatically in the last decade with many success stories like Facebook, Skype and Google. However, these success stories does not reflect the general situation in the IT startup market. Recent research shows that the success rate is alarmingly low with the majority of venture-backed startups does not return inventors’ capital. This extensive problem is what the Lean Startup Methodology (LSM) tries to solve by introducing a set of new techniques and principles that will supposedly provide a completive edge in the startup market. LSM has received a lot of attention in recent years with its new and controversial approach. Even though LSM has been adapted by many companies it has received criticism for being too detached from modern software development practices. The purpose of this thesis is to identify specific technical challenges and create preventative guidelines that will create a better foundation for new companies using LSM. A set of technical challenges associated with LSM were identified. The challenges focuses on three specific areas. First, it was discovered that the LSM process devalues proper architecture in the software. Second, LSM creates unnecessary waste in the software and third, the LSM process could hinder innovate solutions in the software. Three corresponding guidelines were created in order to prevent these challenges. The guidelines were evaluated in a real life startup company. The first guideline stated that you should make important decisions as late as possible. It was discovered that a number of unnecessary features were never implemented as a direct result of this guideline. The second guideline was a new type of software architecture specifically designed for LSM. It was discovered that the software became more compatible of handling changing requirement due to this guideline. Finally the third guideline stated that you should focus on innovation as a development activity. It was discovered that numerous ideas for possible solutions were created because of this guideline. Business Administration and Information Systems, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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