The Effect of Endorsers on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention: A Consumer Neuroscience Research on Female Consumers.

Katarina Lund Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


This study is specifically concerned with the effect of endorser advertisement on brand attitude and purchase intention. It is the initial attempt to investigate whether the neuroscience research methods of GSR, EEG and eye tracking with benefit can be applied in the selection process of endorsers.
The study has three main objectives; (1) To investigate whether brand advertisement can gain from changing the visual construction by portraying more positive emotions. (2) To find out whether investments in expensive endorsers such as elite athletes and bloggers pay off in terms of increased attitude towards the brand. (3) To discover whether the effectiveness of the endorser purely depends on the perceived source variables suggested by the source models.
The researched was conducted in Copenhagen, at the Center of Decision Science, Copenhagen business School in March 2017. 48 participants successfully finished the test. The means of “Time to First Fixation (TTFF)”, “Time Spends Fixating (TSF)”, peaks per/min in GSR, EEG asymmetry and self-reported measures on source were used to draw conclusion from the data.
The results did not support the expectations of stimuli portraying more positive important to be more persuasive for the case of the sport industry. Furthermore, the findings suggest that the sub-category of celebrity endorser, elite athletes and sport/fitness bloggers are not correlated with brand preference are not a driver of emotional arousal nor approach motivation observed by the EEG asymmetry. However, celebrity endorsers influence initial eye movements and bloggers are observed to be better than elite athletes to drive this initial attention. Furthermore, results show that selected source variable have significant influence on the emotional arousal and approach behaviour. On the basis of the results of the research, it can be concluded that celebrity endorsers need the right combination of attributes to unconsciously modify brand preference with consumers and neuroscience research tools can provide the necessary insights.

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