Millennials og ældre generationers motivation - er der en forskel? En analyse og refleksion over, hvorvidt det er relevant at arbejde med motivation ud fra et generationsperspektiv - et casestudie i Bosch

Mona Otte & Sarah Birkemand Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


As the millennial generation entered the labour market, the literature increasingly focused on how to motivate this generation. A special emphasis is placed on the millennials as a unique group with particular motivational needs compared to previous generations. This project aims at exploring whether generational differences have a more prominent impact on how employees are motivated than other drivers, and how it affects the managerial handling targeted at increasing the employees’ motivation. The paper is divided into two analytical parts and a discussion. Having Bosch as the case of analysis, the topic is addressed both in a theoretical and an empirical perspective.
The first part shows that all of Bosch’s employees are motivated by autonomy, work-life balance, feedback, professional development, meaningful work, social relationships and material benefits. Furthermore, the results indicate that gender and work area slightly influence the employee’s motivation while generation appears to have no impact.
The second part establishes a variation between which aspects of the abovementioned factors the employees find motivational. The analysis reveals that this is partly explained by generational differences and partly by other drivers as gender, work area, educational level, experience and confidence. The combination of these drivers is individual for each employee. Therefore, in order to increase the employees’ motivation, Bosch needs to show consideration for each of the employee’s individual motivational needs.
The discussion picks up on the findings from the analyses. It emphasis that even though an individual-oriented approach can be resource-demanding in the short run, it might lead to a financial gain in the long run as a result of increased motivation and productivity.
Thus, the overall findings of the project show that generation and other drivers have an impact on employees’ motivation. It indicates that to improve employee motivation, the employees’ individual needs have to be taking into consideration. Further research on the matter could be highly beneficial in order to strengthen the insights into this topic.

UddannelserCand.merc.hrm Human Resource Management, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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