Sponsering: En analyse af virksomheders anvendelse af sponsorater som kommunikationsværktøj

Nikolaj Zeuthen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatafhandlinger


Through the years sport sponsorship has gone from being an addition to regular promotion tools to be perceived as a promotion tool you can build your company’s marketing activities around. Marketers are becoming more and more familiar with sponsorship concepts and therefore they are using it on a more regularly basis. With this in mind, I decided to explore the opportunities a sponsorship gives companies and how these companies are taking advantage of this. Research shows that sponsorship spending’s has increased with over 20% trough the last couple of years, and combined with the fact that the directors of the companies are demanding results from the spending, the whole industry has become more professional. Even though it all has become more professional, my research still shows, that companies are using their sponsorship completely different from one another. Some companies are using it as a foundation for all their marketing activities, and some are using it primarily as a strategic advantage from their competitors. Through theory of the subject, image transfer should be one of the primary reasons companies are using sponsorships, but practical terms is a different story. Companies’ still seeks to take advantage from an eventual image transfer, but this thesis shows that this transfer is not the main reason for companies in sponsorships. Increasing brandawareness together with hospitality & networking and for strategic advantages, those are the main reasons companies in this thesis are using sponsorships. Although sponsorship has grown over the last couple of years and there are many positives from this, companies in sponsorship are still experiencing lots of challenges. Measuring the effects of a sponsorship can be difficult and troublesome, and all the interviewed experts confirmed having problems with this. It is possible to measure on isolated objects, but as a whole it is difficult. Furthermore, depending on the situation and circumstances, sponsorship sometimes isn’t enough for a company to clearly get their message out to the entire target group. Sponsorship is understandably getting more and more popular for companies to use, but it requires a clear list of goals and the right execution for optimal use. Before sponsorship can get completely effective, the effectiveness of the measurement has to get better.

UddannelserCand.merc.emf Økonomisk Markedsføring, (Kandidatuddannelse) Afsluttende afhandling
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