"You Used to Call Me on My Cell Phone..."

Bent Meier Sørensen (Udøver), Jesper Tække (Udøver)

    Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformLyd og/eller billed produktion (digital)Formidling


    Drake’s words from his massive 2015 hit ‘Hotline Blink’ are more in tune with reality than ever. In 2018 Danes spoke one billion fewer minutes on the phone than in 2017, and phone conversations may slowly end up being over and out. In this podcast, Bent Meier Sørensen, Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at CBS and Jesper Tække, Associate Professor of Media Studies at Aarhus University, each give their professional perspectives on what makes phone conversations so unique, how they contribute to our conversation skills, and what the consequences would be if we stop calling each other.
    Publikationsdato9 mar. 2020
    StatusUdgivet - 9 mar. 2020