Weilbach: A Maritime History

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    Iver C. Weilbach & Co. A/S is one of the oldest existing maritime suppliers in the world and this book presents the company's history. Iver C. Weilbach & Co. A/S (or 'Weilbach' in short) was established in 1755 and this book analyses the development of the company from its founding to the present. It focuses both on the employees and the management of the company, and asks how and why the company was able to transform its business. More generally, it examines how Weilbach was able to survive and adapt to more than two and a half centuries of fundamental technological and commercial changes in the maritime world. Most maritime suppliers have proved to have far less enduring business models.
    ForlagIver C. Weilbach
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    ISBN (Trykt)9788777902611
    StatusUdgivet - 2014