VP Ellipsis without Indices

Daniel Hardt, Nicholas Asher, Julie Hunter

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    This paper compares two views on the status of indices in syntactic and logical representations. On a structural view, indices are syntactic formants on a par with node labels and phrase bracketings, and are thus a part of the logical forms that are derived from syntactic representations. On the process view, an index is not a syntactic object at all, but rather, an indication of the output of a resolution process.In this paper we argue that a recent body of data provides a clear empirical basis for distinguishing between these two views of indices. We argue that cases of sloppy
    VP ellipsis pose insurmountable problems for the structural view of indices, while these problems do not arise for the process view. Furthermore, we show that this resolution process is constrained by the semantics of various discourse relations.
    TidsskriftProceedings of the Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conferences
    Sider (fra-til)239-256
    Antal sider17
    StatusUdgivet - jun. 2013
    BegivenhedThe 23rd Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference - University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, USA
    Varighed: 3 maj 20135 maj 2013
    Konferencens nummer: 23


    KonferenceThe 23rd Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference
    LokationUniversity of California Santa Cruz
    BySanta Cruz