Value-based Management in Learning Organizations Through 'Hard' and 'Soft' Managerial Approaches: The case of Hewlett-Packard

Søren R. Nymark

Publikation: Working paperForskning

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‘Learning organizations’ enable companies to remove hierarchical levels and to introduce a flatter organizational structure, which can lead to reduced costs and increased productivity. A recent Danish study has proved coherence between a flat, integrative organizational structure and an increased productivity. This enables a kind of management in which the managerial form is not as direct as it is in more traditional structured companies. Value-based management is advanced as a possible answer to the question of which managerial form that is appropriate for these kind of companies. In the article, value-based management is described as well as the underlying factors that are affected by such a managerial form. Required managerial elements in relation to value-based management are advanced. Examples from Hewlett-Packard are used to illustrate both the use of value-based management in practice and the underlying factors.
UdgiverDRUID - Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics
Antal sider32
ISBN (Trykt)8778730872
StatusUdgivet - 2000
Udgivet eksterntJa
NavnDRUID Working Paper