Value and Wealth Entanglements in the Gold Industry

Lotte Thomsen, Karen P. Y. Lai, Stefano Ponte

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Entanglements of value and wealth are essential features of contemporary global capitalism. Still, value and wealth have until now mainly been studied in isolation from each other. For our understanding of how value and wealth entangle, gold is a case in point. The Singaporean state has become a key player in the gold industry – establishing the country as a key gold hub – and not least in the shaping of value and wealth entanglements. Essentially, gold is allowed to flow unhindered to/from and within Singapore. It is placed behind a veil of secrecy that embraces free flows of gold among banks, corporations, refineries, consolidators and other key actors within the Singapore gold hub.
Publikationsdato18 sep. 2023
UdgiverCentre for Business and Development Studies
StatusUdgivet - 18 sep. 2023