Towards Curricula for Business in Digital Society: Results from Stage One of the CBS Curriculum Review Process

Till J. Winkler, Jesper Bjørn, Charlotte Hansen, Gregor Halff

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The promises and perils of the digital transformation prompt business schools to respond and reposition their established educational programs. This report summarizes the results from a series of roundtable meetings of CBS faculty with diverse expertise in digitalization, which took place between March and June 2019. This report aims to provide an impetus for steering the revision and advancement of teaching curricula at CBS to enable our students to thrive in digital society.
Section 1 of this report defines the meaning of the term digital transformation for a higher-education institution like CBS and provides selected case examples. Section 2 describes principles for approaching the digital transformation theme from a business school perspective as a process in which critical enquiry and normative action feed into each other. Section 3 concludes that this process, if embedded in research-based education at CBS, is key to contribute to the CBS strategy of creating value to individuals, organisations, and society.
The conceptual framework in Figure 1 illustrates the structure of this report. As a next step, teaching coordinators and program directors may identify concrete opportunities for strengthening the enquiry and action in digital transformation at CBS.
ForlagCopenhagen Business School, CBS
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StatusUdgivet - aug. 2019