Towards an Organizational Economics of Heterogeneous Capabilities

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    The notion of “capability” has long been influential in management research as an approach to address firm-level heterogeneity and heterogeneity in competitive outcomes. I discuss how recent advances in economics may allow for a more rigorous understanding and measurement of capability that take organizational practices into account. However, economists may also learn from work on capabilities in management research.
    Udgivelses stedFrederiksberg
    UdgiverDjøf Forlag
    Antal sider7
    ISBN (Trykt)9788791815911
    StatusUdgivet - sep. 2013
    NavnSMG Working Paper


    • Organizational Capability
    • Productivity
    • Internal Orgganization
    • Organizational Economics


    Foss, N. J. (2013). Towards an Organizational Economics of Heterogeneous Capabilities. Frederiksberg: Djøf Forlag. SMG Working Paper, Nr. 9