Theory of Change: Evaluating Supply Chain Outcomes

Kamilla Hvid Andersen, Eileen Ryll, Caleb Gallemore, Kristjan Jespersen

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Due to globalization, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, challenging national governments’ regulatory capacity, or, perhaps, political will. Amid these “governance gaps” some private-sector organizations have begun setting voluntary standards promoting sustainable production practices. As they are not backed with legal force, private standards must demonstrate both positive impacts, credibility and inclusive decision-making to be perceived as legitimate in the eyes of external observers and member firms. Due to the complex and interrelated nature of sustainability issues, it can, however, be difficult to relate outcomes back to activities of the standard setting system.
UdgiverCBS Sustainability
StatusUdgivet - 2020


  • CSR
  • Governance
  • Impact
  • Stakeholders
  • Sustainability
  • Evalutation
  • FSC
  • M&E
  • Monitoring
  • Planning
  • RSPO
  • Standards
  • Strategic
  • Sustainable practices
  • Theory of change
  • ToC