The Synco Boys: Those Forgotten Pre-neoliberal Economic Experts. An Interview with Eden Medina

José Ossandón, Manuel Tironi

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Eden Medina has written one of the most fascinating books about Chile’s recent history, Cybernetic Revolutionaries (MIT Press) published originally in 2011 and recently translated by LOM as Revolucionarios Cibernéticos. Tecnología y política en el Chile de Salvador Allende. From a STS approach, and based on archive material and extensive interviews, the book describes in detail the history of ‘Proyecto Synco’, the attempt lead by British cybernetician Stafford Beer and Fernando Flores to coordinate and manage the Chilean socialist economy. Taking the translation of the book as an excuse, we asked Eden to talk to Estudios de la Economía.
Publikationsdato5 maj 2014
StatusUdgivet - 5 maj 2014