The Selection, Use, and Reporting of Control Variables in International Business Research: A Review and Recommendations

Bo Bernhard Nielsen, Arpit Raswant

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftReview artikelpeer review


This study explores the selection, use, and reporting of control variables in studies published in the leading international business (IB) research journals. We review a sample of 246 empirical studies published in the top five IB journals over the period 2012–2015 with particular emphasis on selection, use, and reporting of controls. Approximately 83% of studies included only half of what we consider Minimum Standard of Practice with regards to controls, whereas only 38% of the studies met the 75% threshold. We provide recommendations on how to effectively identify, use and report controls in IB studies.
TidsskriftJournal of World Business
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)958-968
Antal sider11
StatusUdgivet - dec. 2018

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Published online: 24. May 2018


  • Control variable
  • Statistical control
  • Research method
  • Quantitative method
  • Review
  • Recommendation
  • Selection
  • Use
  • Reporting
  • Validation
  • International business