The Oxford handbook of organization theory

Haridimos Tsoukas, Christian Sebell Knudsen

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    This text provides a forum for scholars in organization theory to engage in meta-theoretical reflection on the historical development, present state, and future prospects of organization theory as a scientific discipline. The central question explored is the epistemological status of organization theory as a policy science. This is a meta-theoretical question; the object of analysis and debate in this volume is not a set of organizational phenomena, but organization theory itself. By drawing attention to organization theory as a practical social activity, this handbook reviews and evaluates important epistemological developments in the discipline. More specifically, the focus is on issues related to the nature of knowledge claims put forward in organization theory and the controversies surrounding the generation, validation, and utilization of such knowledge.
    ForlagOxford University Press
    Antal sider644
    ISBN (Trykt)0199258325
    StatusUdgivet - 2003

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    • Organisationsanalyse
    • Organisationspsykologi
    • Organisationssociologi
    • Organisationsteori
    • Organisatorisk læring