The industrial dynamics of the new digital economy

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    This work investigates the implications of digital technologies on the industrial and business dynamics of modern economies. In-depth studies analyse how deep-rooted work practices of the Old Economy have been dramatically challenged when confronted with the entrepreneurial wave of the New Economy. Initially the digitization of existing processes was motivated by ideas of rationalization and cost cutting. The book convincingly shows how reaping the full benefits necessitate fundamental changes in procedures and organizational design. The effects transcend the boundaries of the firm, as established channels of interaction with old partners must be reconfigured and familiar divisions of labour rethought. This book presents novel and detailed data showing how vast and still dominant industries of the Old Economy have responded to the new challenges and exploited the emerging opportunities of digitization in very different ways. The book offers a theoretical framework for analysing and evaluating the different strategies chosen by industries when struggling to rebuild competitive positions in the new digitized business environment and should be of value to academics, industrial economists and all those interested in technology, innovation and the New Economy.
    ForlagEdward Elgar Publishing
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    ISBN (Trykt)1843763761
    StatusUdgivet - 2003

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    • Den nye økonomi
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