The Evolving Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities: An Interview with David J. Teece

Mie-Sophia Augier

Publikation: Working paperForskning

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In this paper, Mie Augier provides a rich description of the intellectual traditions, the signifi-cant people and academic institutions that in some way or another made a difference to Davis Teece's own intellectual development. In this sense, it is a dynamic account of the emerging career of a distinguished scholar - but not only that. It is also a description of the co-development of three major disciplinary fields; organization theory, economics and strategic management during three decades or so. David Teece has made several important contribu-tions, perhaps most notably to economics (on the theory of the firm and transaction cost eco-nomics) and strategic management (on dynamic capabilities) while drawing upon organization theory and notions such as organizational routines and bounded rationality. In addition, Augier also provides an interview with David Teece, a true scholar still unsettled with what has been achieved so far - in all three fields: `Maybe I'm wrong; and maybe technology is a special case and maybe technology and organization do not belong at the core of the theory of the firm. My intuition tells me otherwise.' (David Teece, quoted in this issue).
Antal sider36
StatusUdgivet - 2004


  • Transaktionsomkostningsteori
  • Theory of the firm
  • Industrial organization
  • Evolutionary economics
  • Virksomhedens strategi