The ‘Epistemological Logic’ of the Field of Interdisciplinarity Studies (IDS)

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The purpose of this panel presentation is to discuss the application of the logics
approach to the scientific field, more specifically, to an analysis of the field
of IDS. Following Bourdieu’s claim that ‘‘epistemological conflicts are always,
inseparably, political conflicts’, the ‘non-political’ logic is conceptualized as
the ‘epistemological logic’ of the field.
The field of IDS is characterized in that interdisciplinarity is an object of research
in its own right, by a lack of common ground, by ambiguities and different
understandings of ‘interdisciplinarity’, and there is a growing consensus that
the field of IDS needs to be consolidated. But how to consolidate a field that
is also potentially politicized?
The discussion will focus on the analytical framework created to make it
possible to distinguish between the epistemological and political dimensions
of the field.The epistemological dimension of a scientific field may be taken
to subscribe to clarity, consistency, clearly defined concepts, and generally,
the absence of ambiguity as an ideal, whereas in the political dimension,
ambiguity is a central feature. And one question to be discussed is whether
the ‘epistemological logic’ adhered to in a scientific field can be seen as “the
rules that govern scientific practice” and thus as an articulation of a general
‘social logic’?
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
BegivenhedInternational Conference in Ideology and Discourse Analysis 2019: Logics, Critical Explanation and the Future of Critical Political Theory - University of Essex, Colchester, Storbritannien
Varighed: 31 maj 20191 jun. 2019


KonferenceInternational Conference in Ideology and Discourse Analysis 2019
LokationUniversity of Essex