The Consumer’s Experience of Design Influences How Markets Work

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Most studies in marketing operate at a market level, which also becomes frequently the condition for design work. This means that the aggregate or weighted average consumer is the focus. Having already made this aggregation as the “top-down approach” indicates, it is not feasible to take the individuals apart and explore how they differ individually. This is so because already the concepts and the methodology are founded at the aggregate level. The differences have been eliminated and replaced by an assumed normal distribution or similar. We depart from that and start our investigations at an individual level. This means, in the “bottom up” approach we keep the individual variation or differences intact for further analysis. We base our concept and methodology at the individual level. Only then, understanding what happens for the single individual we can eventually aggregate to see the consequences at a market level. We explore a procedure that enables the marketer to estimate the effect of a marketing message like a mission statement in a logo at the level of a single individual. This is a prior to market test, with its own realism. The procedure can easily be extended to products, where both quality and price (willingness to pay) are issues and it can also be used as a follow-up after the round of pre-test. To satisfy individual users, real individuals should be considered in their heterogeneity. Relevant psychological and statistical methods and reasoning are useful in keeping the trace of the individual. In the bottom up approach we measure how much the influence of a treatment like that of facing a particular design influences each human being. Successively, one may see if other behavioural characteristics also unite for instance those who are heavily affected or those who are not. Then a new behavioural based community may appear.
TitelProceedings of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference : Marketing in the Age of Data
RedaktørerKlemens Knöferle, Luk Warlop, Bendik Samuelsen
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ForlagEuropean Marketing Academy. EMAC
ISBN (Trykt)9788282472852
StatusUdgivet - 2016
BegivenhedThe 45th EMAC Annual Conference 2016: Marketing in the Age of Data - BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 24 maj 201627 maj 2016
Konferencens nummer: 45


KonferenceThe 45th EMAC Annual Conference 2016
LokationBI Norwegian Business School
NavnProceedings of the European Marketing Academy