Student Perspectives on Blended Learning: Getting the Most out of Video and the Classroom

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    In previous guest blogs with Panopto I outlined some of my initial experiences with embedding video-based learning into my teaching practice. Inspired by my students’ positive reactions to the video content I had produced, I decided that with my next cohort of learners I would move to a truly blended learning approach.
    In an elective course on Managing IT in the Digital Age, run with my colleague Associate Professor Matthias Trier, we decided that our blend would adopt the flipped classroom model. This means that we provided a series of online lecture videos in advance to the students then used the valuable classroom time for workshop-based teaching, which focussed on student interaction and discussion.
    Publikationsdato10 sep. 2018
    UdgivelsesstedSeattle, WA
    StatusUdgivet - 10 sep. 2018