Return of the Original Phillips Curve

Peter Lihn Jørgensen, Kevin J. Lansing

Publikation: Working paperForskningpeer review


The link between changes in U.S. inflation and the output gap has weakened in recent decades. Over the same time, a positive link between the level of inflation and the output gap has emerged, reminiscent of the original 1958 version of the Phillips curve. This development is important because it indicates that structural changes in the economy have not eliminated the inflationary pressure of gap variables. Improved anchoring of people’s expectations for inflation, which makes the expected inflation term in the Phillips curve more stable, can account for both observations
UdgivelsesstedSan Francisco
UdgiverFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Antal sider5
StatusUdgivet - 9 aug. 2021
NavnFRBSF Economic Letter