'Red Flag' Predictions: Using Frontline Employees to Assess the State of Operational Capabilities

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    This conceptual article introduces a new way to predict firm performance based on aggregation of sensing among frontline employees about changes in operational capabilities to update strategic action plans and generate innovations. We frame the approach in the context of first- and second-generation prediction markets and outline its unique features as a third-generation prediction market. It is argued that frontline employees gain deep insights when they execute operational activities on an ongoing basis in the organization. The experiential learning from close interaction with internal and external stakeholders provides unique insights not otherwise available to senior management. We outline a methodology to agglomerate these insights in a performance barometer as an important source for problem identification and innovation.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2014
    BegivenhedSMS Special Conference Tel Aviv: Startup and Restart Strategies - Tel Aviv, Israel
    Varighed: 9 mar. 201411 mar. 2014


    KonferenceSMS Special Conference Tel Aviv
    ByTel Aviv

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    Hallin, C. A., Andersen, T. J., & Tveterås, S. (2014). 'Red Flag' Predictions: Using Frontline Employees to Assess the State of Operational Capabilities. Afhandling præsenteret på SMS Special Conference Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.