Problemer vedrørende den talmæssige belysning af betalingsbalancen for Grønland

Publikation: Working paperForskning

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Abstract:The balance of payments of Greenland has special features due to an important current transfer,bloktilskud, from Denmark. The trade balance does not exhibit a deficit of this order of magnitudebut comparison of the bloktilskud and the deficit is difficult as official figures are available for themerchandise trade only. Figures for services are missing. However, guesses about the size of adeficit in the services' trade do not easily discard the impression of a large surplus on the currentaccount. Over a ten year period it is suggested that accumulated surpluses could be twice the levelof Greenland's GDP. This seems unlikely, but the available data raise a puzzle that ought to beaddressed as it nourishes suspicion of unobserved accumulation of wealth.
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StatusUdgivet - 2003


  • Grønland
  • økonomiske forhold
  • betalingsbalance
  • betalingsbalancestatistik