Predictive Control, Competitive Model Business Planning, and Innovation ERP

Cyrus F. Nourani, Codrina Lauth

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    New optimality principles are put forth based on competitive model business planning. A Generalized MinMax local optimum dynamic programming algorithm is presented and applied to business model computing where predictive techniques can determine local optima. Based on a systems model an enterprise is not viewed as the sum of its component elements, but the product of their interactions. The paper starts with introducing a systems approach to business modeling. A competitive business modeling technique, based on the author's planning techniques is applied. Systemic decisions are based on common organizational goals, and as such business planning and resource assignments should strive to satisfy higher organizational goals. It is critical to understand how different decisions affect and influence one another. Here, a business planning example is presented where systems thinking technique, using Causal Loops, are applied to complex management decisions. Predictive modeling specifics are briefed. A preliminary optimal game modeling technique is presented in brief with applications to innovation and R&D management. Conducting gap and risk analysis can assist with this process. Example application areas to e-commerce with management simulation models are examined.
    TidsskriftProcedia Computer Science
    Sider (fra-til)891–900
    Antal sider10
    StatusUdgivet - 2015
    BegivenhedInternational Conference on Communications, Management, and Information technology. ICCMIT 2015 - Prague, Tjekkiet
    Varighed: 20 apr. 201522 apr. 2015


    KonferenceInternational Conference on Communications, Management, and Information technology. ICCMIT 2015


    • Competitive models
    • Innovation management
    • ERP
    • Multiplayer games
    • Game trees computing
    • Predictive modeling
    • Planning
    • Dynamic programming