Pfizer and the Challenges of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 2019 - B

Renate Kratochvil, Phillip Christopher Nell

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Case B complements Case A, describing pharmaceutical companies’ strategic responses—such as mega-mergers and acquisitions and specialization—to industry-wide global challenges and highlights strategic decisions by Pfizer’s chief executive officers between 2007 and 2018.Learning Objective:After working through the assignment questions for Case B, students will be able to do the following:Analyze how pharmaceutical companies strategically respond to changes in the industry.Delineate a variety of approaches to reacting to opportunities and threats in the industry (drawing on the analyses in Case A).Discuss theory—global integration versus local responsiveness—and apply it to international companies’ strategy-making.Identify, analyze, and evaluate relevant data and information.
UdgiverIvey Publishing
Antal sider17
StatusUdgivet - 2019

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CASE - Reference no. 9B19M077


  • Industry analysis
  • Structured analysis
  • Data management
  • Multinational corporations