Paroxetine: The EU Court of Justice Rules on Pay-For-Delay Settlements for the First Time

Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen

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While we are still awaiting the judgments in the pending appeals on pay-for-delay settlements in Lundbeck2 and Servier,3 the Court of Justice of the European Union was faster in answering the preliminary reference by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”) in Case C-307/18 Paroxetine. The judgment came out on January 30, 2020. A just-on-time delivery before Brexit. This chronicle gives a summary of the judgment and a short analysis of its future impact
Publikationsdato23 feb. 2020
UdgivelsesstedChicago, IL
UdgiverCompetition Policy International
StatusUdgivet - 23 feb. 2020
NavnCPI EU News