On Popular Music

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In On Popular Music (a title appropriated from an essay by the legendary grump, Theodor Adorno) the cultural theorist, Macon Holt, summarises the thesis of his book “Pop Music and Hip Ennui: A Sonic Fiction of Capitalist Realism” in an accessible way that dumbs nothing down. Starting with an exploration of the renowned theorists and collaborators, Mark Fisher and Kodwo Eshun (featuring Slavoj Žižek), Holt shows how pop music, from Beyoncé and Jessie J to Sun Ra and Drexciya, helps to shape our understanding and experience of the world around us and even can set or expand the limits of what is politically possible.
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StatusUdgivet - maj 2021
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Bibliografisk note

This essay was originally published by Passive/Aggressive in 2020 as "Kodwo Eshun, Mark Fisher and Beyonce's Lemonade - a Sonic Fiction of Capitalist Realism".