New Policy Designs and Instruments for a Whole of Government Approach in R&I: Second Thematic Report

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This is the second thematic report of the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on the application of the Whole of Government Approach (WGA) to the design and implementation of national research and innovation (R&I) strategies and plans. The MLE is organised by the European Commission in close collaboration with ERAC delegates, in the context of the Horizon Europe Policy Support Facility (PSF). This second thematic report is based on the discussions of the participants during the country visit to Bulgaria on 24th-26th April 2023 building on the presentations about Bulgaria and the discussion paper prepared before the visit.
ForlagEuropean Commission
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ISBN (Trykt)9789268058855
Rekvirerende organisationEuropean Commission
StatusUdgivet - 2023


  • EU financial instrument
  • EU research policy
  • Innovation
  • Learning
  • Public service
  • Report
  • Structural adjustment
  • Sustainable development