Mobilepay A/S: A New Business Model with a Swipe?

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MobilePay, a popular mobile payment system in Denmark, set new records in 2021. Danes had used the app more than 424 million times and transferred about DKK160 billion (USD22.6 billion), an increase of 29% from the previous year, which had also seen record growth. Every day, more than one million transactions were carried out through a customer's 'swipe' on a mobile phone. While these numbers looked impressive, Claus Bunkenborg, MobilePay's CEO, knew that the coming years would be challenging. He thought about the DKK208 million (USD29 million) in losses that MobilePay had incurred in 2021. 'We have high growth but we are not profitable. Our business model is not viable in the long run. Getting paid to facilitate transactions is not viable because the price that the merchants are paying to use our service is just going down, down, down. Are we in the payments business or something else? If we want to do more of the same, we need more scale. However, we also need to look at the business model. How can we create revenue streams? How can we monetize our brand, our user platform, our merchant base? It's easy to say we want to be a platform, but what does that actually mean in our case?'.
UdgiverThe Nordic Case House
Antal sider10
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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Case-Reference no. CBS-23-010


  • Dynamics of competition among technologies
  • Designs and platforms
  • Entry timing
  • First mover advantage
  • Payment service platforms