Measuring Integrity for Better Understanding and Tracking Corruption

Elizabeth David-Barrett, Dieter Zinnbauer

Publikation: Working paperForskning


This Brief was produced by the Global Programme on Measuring Corruption (GPMC) hosted by the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA). It presents key insights from the GPMC’s Expert Workshop on Measuring Integrity. The GPMC works with international organisations, governments, civil society, the private sector and academia to collaboratively design a robust, relevant and useful approach to measuring corruption. Since the 2017 G7 summit, the international community has highlighted a need to develop new corruption measures. Key milestones include UNCAC’s Conference of the States Parties Resolution 8/10 on Measurement of Corruption in 2019; the prioritisation of measurement at the G20 Academic Roundtable on Anti-Corruption in 2020; and the publication of a G20 Compendium of Good Practices on Measuring Corruption in 2021. The GPMC was initiated in May 2022 in response to this growing international demand.
For any new corruption measure to be truly useful and relevant, it is important to understand the strengths and limitations of existing measures, to identify and critique new innovations in methods, and to advance progress towards the development of more comprehensive and scientifically robust methods. The GPMC is therefore conducting a series of expert workshops on different aspects of corruption measurement. The outcome of this workstream will be published in a paper reviewing the ‘state of the art’ of corruption measurement methodologies in September 2023.
UdgiverInternational Anti-Corruption Academy
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StatusUdgivet - nov. 2023
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