Measuring Integrity for Better Tracking and Understanding Corruption? Background Note for Expert Think-in

Dieter Zinnbauer

Publikation: Working paperForskning


The Global Programme on Measuring Corruption (GPMC) at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) is convening a series of expert ‘think-ins’ to develop new approaches for measuring areas of corruption or corruption control that are underserved by current indicators. One expert ‘think-in’ will convene practitioners from different disciplines to focus on measuring integrity. Integrity is not the same as corruption, but the presence of integrity is often regarded as a defence against corruption, hence efforts to measure integrity might yield useful insights for the GPMC.
This background note sets the scene for the measuring integrity expert ‘think-in’. It is structured into four sections. The first section explores definitions and dimensions of integrity and maps out the three dimensions of integrity - personal, organisational, and professional (including an extended rationale for the latter, since it is less familiar and intuitive); the second section presents a selection of the main approaches for measuring integrity providing a sense of the types of research methods used; the third section explores why a focus on integrity could potentially help address gaps in corruption measurement and bring fresh momentum to this endeavour; and finally the fourth section presents some early ideas on potential opportunities for collaboration between integrity and corruption research and measurement.
The concept of integrity - and its measurement - is a contested domain to which academics from a diverse set of disciplines can contribute; hence, participants in the expert ‘think-in’ represent multiple disciplines and areas of practice. The purpose of this note is to provide an overview of the major approaches to measuring integrity which informed the think-in, for a broader policy audience interested in the integrity and anti-corruption nexus.
UdgiverInternational Anti-Corruption Academy
Antal sider23
StatusUdgivet - mar. 2023