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The case is about the choice of governance structures for a community currency in the impoverished South of Spain that aims to alleviate the economic hardships brought by the economic crisis. The reader gets an insight into the economic contexts of these currencies, the functioning of one of its most common designs (mutual credit systems or LETS), as well as the governance structures of community currencies. The reader is then presented with the challenges the initiative faces due to lack of enough products and services offered within the community currency. The case ends at the moment when currency users have to decide on a governance structure that can energise the currency.
Publikationsdato21 aug. 2017
UdgiverCase Centre
Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - 21 aug. 2017

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Case - Reference no. 717-0057-1


  • Community currencies
  • Governance of the commons
  • Common-pool resources
  • Citizen sector